Easter Basket Ideas Without Leaving your Home

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I can say Easter is one of our favorite Holidays, this years will definitely be one like no other. We will still try to do our normal Easter traditions, minus going to church and heading over to families house {insert sad face}. If you needed some ideas on what to do to make it special, I wanted to share what we do along with easter basket ideas that you can do without leaving your home.

Before we begin, these Easter Basket liners that we have had for years are amazing and are the cutest ever from Porter Lane Home. I love how she creates products that can last a lifetime.

I probably added a little more than we normally do, just so the kids have some more fun things to do at home. I try to buy things that I know will have a spot, because as you know living in a small space we don’t have extra room.

As much as I love all the cute things to add in, I have to think about each piece. Crafts – gives them something to do and enjoy but I also like to think what will happen when done. Chalk, bubbles, squirt guns – hours of fun! For the toys – we have a spot in their room for each of the things that I got them.

All the stuff you see on the floor, is items I bought in multiples to separate and its an easy way to make things “fair” if you have kids that like to make sure, I feel every family has one of those. Now let me show you inside!


Oliver ( Age 5)


For Oliver, he loves all the things his siblings love so this may not be your typical 5 year old basket but I am sure you will finds some good ideas! * You can click on each item to shop.

I added a few extra things to each of the kids lists, of things they love in case you needed ideas of books and other things to do!

Koen ( Age 7)


Koen loves everything Oliver does, I just got different colors and similar items. *You can click on each item to shop.

Emerson ( Age 10)


Emerson is pretty similar to his brothers, besides the Ryan toys of course he likes another you-tuber FGTEEV. The kids all love bath bombs, so I found this fun DIY kit. There are lots of tutorials on how to make them, but I thought having the mold will be great for future use!
* You can click on each item to shop.

Zoe ( Age 8)


Can you guess that Zoe’s will be different than the boys, honestly its a bit easy to go overboard with her good thing her birthday is right before Easter. I found this cool unicorn crystal set for her as a craft, then of course she is obsessed with barbies so that was a must! They all love the Crayola Scribble Scrubbies so that you will see in each basket!
*You can click on each item to shop.


Now that we have the kids done, we can’t forget about the parents… well really that is so easy to do! I normally just add in some necessities and a want, along with some chocolate. Confession – the Kinder Eggs did NOT come with two stuffed animals …. we are stuck in the house here going on a month and well it was me or the kinder eggs…. This cooler has been a want and will be perfect! I do have the new JoAnna Gaines Magnolia Table Cookbook coming for me.


The kids would be so sad if we forgot the pups, and really getting them some new treats and a toy is needed – or they will go eat ALL the hidden eggs chocolate and ALL! We love the Bark Box toys, and the Charlee Bear snacks they just love!


If you do an egg hunt DON’T forget to make sure you have eggs ( we have an endless supply) and buy some candy and fillers. I do have to say, its easier if you buy the candy you don’t love haha! I am safe with this lot – unless times get tough …. we will have to see!

I hope this gave you some ideas, keep following along I will be sharing what different traditions we have and some fun Easter crafts!

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  1. I love the baskets Sarah! Love how you personalized each of your children’s names on them to make them that much more special. Pray you all have an incredibly blessed Easter celebrating His resurrection!

    1. Awe thank you Dieanna <3 I am trying to make it as special as we can for sure <3 Hope yours is sure blessed.

  2. I love all of the activity ideas you did. Especially for the current situation. I definitely have to get my daughter the unicorn lip smackers and the compact. Thanks for all of the great ideas! I know this post must have taken a lot of work.

    1. I am going to give it (unicorn smacker and compact) to her early on her birthday next Wednesday since its unicorn themed! Isnt it so cute… and yes so much work thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. I don’t have kids yet but I always do one for my husband! I never thought about doing one for my pups!! Such a good idea! 😭😭😭

  4. can u adopt me and my 2 kids…. maybe my husband he is in time out right now so we will see but for sure us 3

    1. HAHA!! You are to cute!! Funny thing I get asked that alot 🙂 my daughter was just asking when we can adopt a girl hehe – she is serious…

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