Bondi Boost – Wave Wand

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Bondi Boost, if you haven’t heard about this Company it is incredible! I am going to share the wave wand and why I love Bondi Boost!

The first item I started using of Bondi Boost was the wave wand HERE. Zoe loves her waves and it’s been so fun to do together – what I always dreamed about since the day I found out I had a girl.

The wave wand is so easy to use, don’t forget to spray with a heat protectant first. I like to spray a little hair spray, I just ordered the texture spray and I can’t wait to use it.

They have 3 different wave wands, mine is the 32mm HERE.

You know I love a good before and after, isn’t this so fun!

You can see here how easy the Bondi Boost wave wand is to use, when you are done with each section I like to just start where I left off until you get to the end.

I will be sharing more about the Bondi Boost wave wand in stories, but let me share a little more of the products I ordered!

Here is a before photo, I can’t wait to show you the AFTER! I cut my hair off a year ago, and missed it as soon as I did! I am using Bondi Boost Hair Growth System and I am already impressed! I will have an update soon so stay tuned!

Bondi Boost Products I ordered :

Hair Growth System Starter Kit HERE
Lush Brush HERE
Sea Salt Spray HERE
Hair Growth Tonic HERE
Wave Wand HERE
Hair Growth Supplement HERE

I will keep you posted on all the products I ordered and my reviews, I maybe on my second order so waiting for more to come!

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