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So much to be Thankful for, and I am thankful for each of you and your support. Sharing a recap of the week and what is coming up! Lots of fun!

I am SO close to being done with Christmas decorating. Honestly a lot I have all ready to share… but all the behind the scenes. One thing I made sure to do, is to leave all my decor in the attic and just bring out thing slowly and that helped with the chaos.

Coming up this week I have so many fun projects to share! First up is a Christmas craft project using my Brother ScanNCut! We plan to work on our downstairs room and get the ceiling done, but first electrical!

Today started Advent, and it’s always such a special tradition we did when I was little and we still do now. You can shop what I am using HERE.

This week wasn’t only just the start of Advent, our little Elf friends always come on the first of December. The kids have been upset their birthday elves haven’t shown up – thank goodness for quarantine.

Then another Birthday at our house this week, we are trying to think of something fun to do with everything closed.

On the night of the 5th we put out our boots and St.Nikolaus comes and fills up the kids boots with treats and treasures.

That is our week, well on top of school and work. Then we will throw in some fun and DIYS!


This Elf Quarantine Kit HERE is a must for this year and never to late because any elf can use a mask and sanitzer.

Here is our Ironing mat HERE It is such a great solution to a big one and the space you save is amazing!

The BEST Olive tree HERE EVER!! I may have three of these and worth every penny!

I got this Gingerbread Waffle Maker HERE as a gift and its the cutest thing ever!

This jute rug HERE is so amazing! I have used many and this one doesn’t shed or smell. I love the color too!

Thank you so much for shopping my links and supporting us.


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