My favorite finds from Hearth & Hand – Spring 2020

Everyone says that our Target has the best Hearth & Hand section, and I have to agree its pretty amazing! I shared on my stories today a peek into our store, but I wanted to link my favorite finds here for you to shop!

Target was hard enough to shop at when it was just Target, but now that we throw Hearth & Hand in … I might as well just write my paychecks directly to them! Good thing my birthday is coming up, I will be sending this list over! What is on your wishlist?

{Just click on the photo to shop!}

I am working on freshening up my kitchen and these are on my wishlist!

{Just click on the photo to shop!}

If I needed more furniture these are the ones that would be on my list!
{Just click on the photo to shop!}

Here are some of the toys we have, and some that are on my kids wishlist!

{Just click on the photo to shop!}

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