Making Sure your home is safe with Blink

Ollie loves when packages come, and in our house its more often then not. We think of our UPS driver as our friend and look forward to it. You will see one of the kids waiting at the door with a gatorade and snack for any driver that comes. It makes it so easy having the Blink camera so we get notified as soon as someone gets close to our driveway. 

Sometimes we get notified even when its someone we don’t want at our home. Last year we had an unwanted visitor at our doorsteps that came and took our packages. Having a camera, we were able to share it with police. The reason I love the Blink for Home camera is that it notifies you so quickly, I have mine set up on 60 seconds of recording, so I don’t miss a thing! A few other reasons we went with Blink is that it is easy to use, the price point is amazing with no monthly fees, and its wire-free!

Now let me walk you through the set up. To start off, here is how the Blink XT indoor/outdoor camera comes.

First its time to hook it up. Super easy! ( Well I said super easy until I misread the directions and put the wrong serial number in) Hey I can attest to how amazing their customer service is! 

Make sure to install the Blink for Home app.

Tap the Blink Logo in your app to begin, and follow the simple steps.

Next, install your camera, and look at your view! Here is what I see on mine below. Don’t forget, if you have Alexa it can hook up to your camera! ( I may not tell my kids about this option or every few minutes they will be disarming and arming) 

Next its time to just customize it to what you prefer.

We have truly loved our camera and the safety we feel by having it. Now that we have tried one, time for more! 

This is sponsored by Blink for Home. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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