Christmas Cottage Home Tour {Part 2}

Christmas is over, and its a New Year but its never to late to finish on Goals you had! I wanted to share this tour of my home, not only for you to be able to see but to be able to look back in the future and have it as a reminder to see how much I have grown! It is always so hard to take down Christmas, you would think I would be sick of it since it has been up since after Halloween! I don’t know if it was the fact that I truly loved my decor, or that I snuck out on a vacation… either way it was hard but putting it up stresses me out and I like to have it done before the New Years so I can start fresh and happy! 

Now to start with the tour, on Part 1 I showed you when you walk into my home and our dining room! This time I will be showing our family room that you saw in previous photos just down the stairs passed the barn door! 

Now that we are walking down the stairs you will be entering our “family room” this used to be a garage at some point of this homes life… I honestly can’t imagine it besides the fact that it would be nice to have one. We enjoy this space so much and spend so much time here! 

In our home I try to make sure its “cozy”, because I want it to be not only a place that we can enjoy but that we can live in! I love to have lots of blankets and cozy pillows but things that function!

I get a lot of questions asking how do we “live” here we must not have kids or pets, well let me assure you if you haven’t followed along –  we have 4 little kids and a very messy puppy that likes to be muddy and bring in dirty bones! 

My tricks are we purchase things that can be washed and cleaned easy! Our ikea sectional has been the best purchase because it is a slipcover!! We get it dirty, we throw it in the wash and viola its clean! I actually upgraded to a more custom slipcover from BEMZ and it has been just as easy to take care of! I love the look of the linen and the crisp clean lines, I will go more into detail about them in a separate post but we couldn’t be happier!

Pillows – well, they can be pricy. They can wash poorly and fade…. but if you haven’t noticed by now I LOVE these pillows from With Lavender and Grace! Not only are they gorgeous, so soft, and priced well, they are super durable!! 

Now my dream chair as we call it around here, is from Sixpenny ! I searched high and low for the perfect chair, even bought multiple and they just weren’t the right match. When I found this chair I knew it was meant to be not only because it was GORGEOUS, but it is slip covered and you know thats a must!! I will go into more details on this soon to but, these are my tricks on having things I love with kids!

Ok, ok back to the tour …. but I seriously get asked so many times if we live here or have kids! 

Here is a more unclose of this space and the dolly table we covered with Weaber Lumber! The little vignette was so simple, some beads from Amy Nelly Shop, some greenery, a target house, and a candle from flashpoint! 

See how amazing these pillows are, and they fit so perfectly in my dough bowl! The stockings we have had for a few years from Porter Lane Home and I couldn’t imagine any others!

Rosie likes to show off in all my photos, she thankfully doesn’t steal the ornaments off the tree!

Before Christmas I received this Silhouette of our family, and Von Jet outdid themselves again!

I just have loved this cozy corner, and my chair from Sixpenny has been the perfect place to snuggle up in with my blanket and a cup of hot cocoa! 

I hope you have enjoyed this part of the tour…. until next time!

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